In order to turn creative ideas in plant and mechanical engineering into innovative reality, an appropriate 3D system is needed. SolidWorks is a very common CAD program used successfully by more than two million draughtsman and engineers across the globe. The SolidWorks seminars by 3defacto are extraordinarily customised and enable the attendees to implement their own ideas efficiently and autonomously with the programme already after a few days. All our seminar trainers are certified SolidWorks professionals with a long standing practical and theoretical experience, who adjust each seminar to the specific requirements of the relevant company, thus achieving the highest level of productivity in dealing with the participants. This method of individual and customer-centred training has proved its high effectiveness in many successful SolidWorks
seminars conducted at renowned customers – from the beginners’ seminar to the advanced expert training, our SolidWorks professionals enabled the attendees to work independently and effectively with the CAD program.

Moreover, 3defacto offers special intensive SolidWorks courses: the objective is to convey to our customers in a structured fashion and within a short period of time the knowledge that will lastingly save them cost and time in the long term. Besides the pure program operation, also topics such as construction methodology, technical drawing, or “tips & tricks” are dealt with. All employees and trainers are SolidWorks-certified and avail of a long standing practical experience in dealing with the intricacies of the program.



3defacto guarantees his customers that they will be able to construct own products already after three days of training. The long standing experience of our SolidWorks professionals ensures maximum learning success of the participants. Our services in the field of practical seminars include:


  • SolidWorks seminars with functions specifically tailored to the needs of the customer company
  • Seminar facilitation by our SolidWorks professionals
  • Seminar locations: 3defacto Darmstadt or directly on client site
  • Different levels, from beginners’ to expert workshop
  • Theoretical contents (construction methodology, creating a sketch, tips & tricks, new features) as well as practical exercises
  • Practice-oriented learning for the areas development and construction in Mechanical Engineering and Installation Engineering
  • Course durations from one day to a week
  • Trainers with educational background and long standing practical experience

About SolidWorks

The CAD software SolidWorks is a tool that offers optimal and productive solutions for all aspects of the product development process in mechanical engineering and plant engineering: from pure surface modelling to complex module preparation. It allows designers and engineers to work in a fluent and interdisciplinary fashion. A sensible 3D system, SolidWorks shortens the construction cycle and increases the productivity while reducing time and effort. SolidWorks helps creating parametrical models and component groups and deriving them in drawings. The analysis and calculation options allow analysing and removing error sources already during the development. As relationships and dimensions from earlier work steps can be changed again in SolidWorks anytime, thus implementing innovative ideas in a quick and practical fashion and avoiding prototypes. The constructed parts can subsequently be derived in 2D or 3D drawings. Also simulations (e.g. FEM, liquids, and movements) and tests under real conditions are possible with SolidWorks. In addition, also features for communication and data management are integrated into the CAD program.

SolidWorks seminar offering

What our customers particularly appreciate about the 3defacto seminars are the structured, application-oriented contents and the quick learning success of the attendees. We have been training engineers in the optimised use of SolidWorks for years.
All SolidWorks courses can be conducted either at the 3defacto premises in Darmstadt or on customer site and are designed for up to six participants. For appointments, please get in touch with us.