Systems engineering at 3defacto allows a uniquely efficient, energy-saving, and optimised production from one source: the complete service package for one-stop plant engineering comprises the planning phase, detailed planning, manufacturing, assembly, and start-up of the plant, whereas our experts consider the individual requirements and general conditions of the plant operator in all phases. Many successfully completed projects where highly efficient and energy-saving plants and plant modules have been implemented prove that this approach is effective and productive – from storage tanks to unloading stations, mixing units and dosing technology for the manufacturing and further processing of e.g. PU pre-polymers or basic components.
Since interfaces of different suppliers are prevented, we as a solution provider allow for a timely project execution. Furthermore, we guarantee compliance with all applicable laws and rules, and the use of high-quality plant components. 3defacto offers highest level of professionalism, maximum protection of investment, and plant availability due to our long standing experience and expertise in the fields of plant engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering, process engineering, automation technology, electronics and control engineering. 3defacto supplies customers from various industries such as chemicals, polyurethane, adhesives, pre-polymer, bulk goods processing industry, food, and paint and coatings industry.



3defacto offers customised and product-specific design, construction, and manufacturing from one source. Our services in the field of installations engineering include:


  • Process engineering design
  • Basic engineering by our on-site experts
  • Elaboration of planning orders and budgeting
  • Optimised detailed engineering according to customer specifications

Mechanical engineering and process engineering

  • Qualified recommendation and calculation for the customer-specific need for machines, facilities, and systems
  • Takeover of engineering services in the field of process engineering, both theoretical design and construction, and own plant engineering for all industries
  • Expert consulting and project planning
  • Design of EMSR components
  • SPS programming


  • Development of 2D and 3D drawings
  • Construction and manufacturing of individually optimised machines by our qualified experts

Implementation of the project at customer site

  • Delivery, assembly, and start-up of machines and plants
  • Optimisation and adjustment of parameters on the spot
  • Consulting and enabling the customer to an optimal use and maximum utilisation of machines, plants, and systems

After-sales service

  • Production-supporting service by our experts
  • Readjustments, e.g. for shift operation
  • Support in technical and functional questions


Delivery programme

The delivery programme of the installation engineering by 3defacto offers a process engineering design and planning of the plant according to the individual wishes of our customers. We make sure that exactly those components allowing an optimal, efficient, and energy-saving production are put in place. Thus, we have already been able to implement many successful projects for satisfied customers – from individual units to complex plants, e.g. in the chemicals industry.

Our delivery programme includes, but is not limited to the following machines, plants, and systems for storage, blending, and further processing:

  • Storage tanks for the storage of liquids and chemicals: vertical, horizontal, above-ground and below-ground, as well as substances hazardous to water or inflammable substances
  • Solid material conveyor, e.g. screw feeders, vacuum conveyors, blowers, pendulum bucket conveyors
  • Unloading stations for barrels and containers, e.g. solids handling systems such as bag dumpers or big-bag discharge stations

  • Emptying stations, e.g. BBU 2000
  • Dosing and weighing technology
  • Blending plants, e.g. for the production of PVC pastes and adhesives
  • Blending and stirring technology, e.g. agitators, inline mixers, dispersers
  • Mixing containers, reactors
  • Conditioner units for tempering, outgassing, and drainage
  • Blending stations for the production of pre-products and semi-finished products
  • Pumping units
  • Supply facilities for compressed air, vacuum, or nitrogen
  • Tempering systems, e.g. thermal oil plants, refrigerating plants, heat distribution systems
  • Complete production plants, e.g. Vulkollan® pre-polymer plants

Reference projects

In the field of installation engineering, 3defacto has already been able to implement many successful projects in many industries across the globe, e.g. polyurethane, adhesives, polymers, automation engineering, or bulk material processing industry.
In particular, the high quality of the machines and the individual,functional project execution convinced the customers even after years. The projects range from the installation of individual units, e.g. in process engineering, to complex production plants.