With ideal, individual solutions, Construction at 3defacto lays the foundation for a long-term successful production and dynamic processes in mechanical engineering. Our soundly and well trained design engineers avail of a long standing project experience and quickly integrate themselves into existing concepts and teams. Here, exactly those technologies come to bear which yield the highest benefit for the relevant requirement: from the construction with SolidWorks to the customer-specific manufacturing technology for special-purpose machines, the new development of prototypes and the component optimisation in process engineering, plant engineering, or conveying technology. The fact that this approach nurtures innovation and a cost-saving,
optimised production is demonstrated by many successful projects, such as the pipe welding machine or the rubber dosing device.
3defacto looks back on 18 years of successful projects in construction, mechanical engineering, and installation engineering, and successfully offers customised solutions. Thanks to the high seniority of our experts, we are able to ensure in-depth consulting services provided by the previously involved constructing even long after the project has been implemented. New customers are given a satisfaction guarantee by 3defacto in order to assure themselves of the quality and capabilities of our experts without committing themselves.



Constructing or having constructed: 3defacto finds the best individual solution and offers services from one source – from component optimisations to new developments in special-purpose machine construction. All productively working employees are SolidWorks-certified as per CSWPA. Our services in the field of construction include:

Support and project management:

  • Takeover of complete development projects
  • Execution of commissioned projects
  • External project management
  • Customised solutions according to required project scope
  • Compliance with all required guidelines and worldwide norms during the entire process
  • Construction with SolidWorks by our professionals based on a determined workflow for CE marking


  • Conceptualisation and design of the project according to customer-specific requirements
  • Blueprint including assessment of different systems
  • Definition of specifications
  • Identification of investment costs and individual contract type, e.g. at a fixed price, with master agreement, or via temporary employment
  • Guaranteed planning security
  • Upon request: development of risk and security concepts as well as compliance with relevant EU guidelines.
  • 3D CAD plans developed by our certified SolidWorks experts
  • FEM calculations
  • Visualisations of plant planning, pipeline routes as well as assembly simulations

Development and construction

  • Construction of machine and special-purpose machines (e.g. construction that meets sheet metal and plastics requirements, pressing machinery, handling systems for process engineering and bulk material)
  • Development and manufacturing of prototypes and small series
  • Manufacturing and assembly drawings including bills of material and definition of efficient production engineering
  • Detailing of draft constructions
  • Supplier selection
  • Optimal, efficient, and dependable development of 3D constructions by our SolidWorks professionals
  • Methodical construction as per VDI guidelines
  • Construction by 3defacto and manufacturing by qualified partner operations
  • Construction at client site as part of the temporary employment

Delivery and start-up

  • Handover of completely assembled prototypes and small series
  • Data migration and data maintenance
  • Integration of data into the PDM/ERP system of the customer

After-sales service

  • Support in functional and technical questions

Delivery programme

3defacto offers construction services from one source: from individual optimisations to complex projects, working together with our Mechanical Engineering and Installation Engineering business units. We support our customers relying on the experience and expertise of certified resources, whose exchange
of knowledge is deliberately nurtured in our company, thus warranting user competence. A potential project cycle comprises e.g. conceptualisation, 3D CAD plans, calculations, manufacturing and assembly drawings, as well as the construction of prototypes.

Reference projects

For many years, 3defacto has been supporting satisfied customers in development and construction. Both in small-scale individual projects and
complex plants, we have been able to satisfy our customers in terms of quality, dependability, expertise, and timely implementation.